Clippings marked with * are translated.


"Margaret Illmann made the romantic magic visible and tangible... Giselle like in the fairy book… Much applause and flowers for the noble guest star…"
(Stelz, Lautlos schwebende Giselle, Die Presse, 11/01)

American way of dancing

"... her star shone even brighter when the ballet in Berlin showed clear signs of a crisis. The audience lay at her feet, the critics made her their darling long time ago… Margaret Illmann has glamour (the ´Vogue´ reported about her) and a wake intelligence… She continuously looks for new challenges. And suddenly, with an cool-headed experts eye, she explains what to do when you meet a shark while diving… And she points out: ´Through difficult experiences you get stronger, as an artist and as a person.` Margaret Illmann expresses tender feelings and sensual awakening in a stunning manner…"
(Sandra Luzina, Der Tagesspiegel, 30.8.01) *

"The fantastic Margaret Illmann floats on stage light as a feather - like the whole evening a glamorously-colorful dream of the neoclassical American dance."
(Andrea Philipi, Berliner Morgenpost, 4.9.2001) *

"Graceful Charm: Margaret Illmann and Ronald Savkovic in a scene of ´Serenade´."