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Swan Lake

"In New York she has been compared with Fonteyn, in Canada with Karen Kain, in Italy with Carla Fracci. Critics rave about her flawless, steely technique, her elegant stage presence, her clarity of line, her intelligent and natural acting."
(Karen van Ulzen, Dance Australia, May 1999)

"Illmann was magnificient in her role as Odette, queen of the swans with unmatched grace and finesse and a distinct theatrical presence."
(Chelsea Clark, The Daily Telegraph (Sydney), 14.05.1999)

"Certainly the biggest treat of the night was Margaret Illmann's Odette/Odile. Her exquisite interpretation had both elegance and style, while still being powerful and lyrical."
(Paul LePetit, The Sunday Telegraph (Sydney), 16.05.1999)

"...throwing doubles into the marathon fouetté sequence as if it were child's play."
(Jill Sykes, The Sydney Morning Herald, 17.05.1999)

"...with a performance that was technically exquisite, sensitive and passionate. Her shift from the vulnerable, yearning and amazingly avian Odette to the icy brilliance of the temptress Odile was dazzling."
(Jacky Tracy, The Sunday Mail (Adelaide), 30.05.1999)

"Her Odette was all fluttering anxiety and her Odile icy seduction, delineated by her exquisitely fine line and effortless extension."
(Celia Brissenden, The Advertiser (Adelaide), 31.05.1999)