Clippings marked with * are translated.

La Bayadère (Petipa), Munich

"´s the first time Margaret Illmann dances this dream-role of a ballerina. And she leaves no doubt: Petipa must have had her on his mind when he created her. Elegant, expressing sovereignty, unbelievably proud, mysterious, ingeniously playing on her beauty, … every inch a woman who knows and achieves what she wants… Intoxicating how she dances this Gamzatti… her exotic sex-appeal. Once more she captivates by the endless stream of her ports de bras, the noblesse of her pure lines, the unshakable balance, … then again the glittering spray of her pearl-like Pas de bourrés..."
(Horst Koegler, Stuttgarter Zeitung, 9.12.1998) *